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Solutions for Global Companies


Nosso time de contadores certificados para atuarno Brasil e nos Estados Unidos irá auxiliá-lo com:

- Contabilidade mensal
- BR e EUA
- Relatórios mensais
- Análise de indicadores
- Demonstrações financeiras
- Conversões contábeis IFRS e US GAAP
- Serviços Contábeis interinos
- Outsourcing

Global Mobility

By definition, global mobility is a function that refers to the ability of a multinational corporation to move its personnel to offices in different countries. It involves all the actions for the smooth and painless relocation of a talent.

Our solutions at Global Mobility:
- Expatriation Planning
- Global Mobility ManagementExpatriation Policies and Expatriation Contracts
- Labor and Social Security Consulting
- Visas (inbound and outbound)
- Tax Planning


An international operation is necessarily subject to at least two different tax regulations.

With a well-executed international tax planning the company succeeds:

- Reduce costs
- Avoiding mistakes
- Guide future company decisions
- Enhance results and minimize risks
- Improve the use of resources for productive causes
- Relieving tax liabilities
- Reduce litigation

At Drummond we have a team specialized in Tax Planning that has performed more than 400 plans for global clients.

Transfer Price

At Drummond Advisors we offer transfer pricing consulting solutions.

- Transfer pricing acts as a price limiter in operations, avoiding the undue decrease of taxable income
- Prevents values related to transactions controlled by the same economic group from being artificially stipulated
- Identifies the controls that act on commercial or financial transactions carried out between parties based in different countries
- It is important for the internal resource management of a corporate group


Our team of accountants and lawyers with extensive expertise in the global market will help you promote your company’s tax compliance in all countries where your company has operations.
Check out some of the tax obligations required for foreign companies in Brazil:
- Final Beneficiary Statement
- DEF – Economic-Financial Statement
- CBE – Declaration of Brazilian Capitals Abroad
- Declaration of Resources in Foreign Currency Resulting from Export Receipts (DEREX)
- Foreign Investments Country-by-Country Declaration (DPP)


Choosing the corporate structure is one of the first decisions you must make when starting a new business in the United States.

There are four most common structures, each with its own specificities and advantages:
Limited Partnership
Limited Liability Corporation
Limited Liability Partnership

At Drummond we have qualified professionals to identify and apply the most indica structure for your company.

Global Payroll

Drummond provides payroll services.

Check out some of our solutions below:

- Monthly salary processing and calculation (CLT, interns and partners through Pro-Labore).
- Calculation of labor charges (INSS, FGTS and IRRF).
- Admission process for registration for social security purposes with the federal agencies.
- Elaboration of labor contracts.
- Termination of employment contract: calculation of vacation, 13th salary, INSS, FGTS for termination purposes, as well as all communication for social security purposes.

International Tax Planning

An international operation is necessarily subject to at least two different tax regulations. When it comes to Brazil and the United States, the laws, rules, and regulations of the most varied inspection bodies in both countries apply. Thus, questions about transfer pricing, profit distribution, capital gains, and consolidation of accounting reports become central to the strategy of organizations.


We offer accounting consolidation solutions.Among the financial statements that are part of our portfolio, we can highlight:
- Fiscal Year Income Statement (DRE)
- Cash Flow (DFC)
- Balance Sheet (PR)
Consolidation is essential for financial groups to maintain Corporate Governance and attract more capital.

Offshore Compliance

There are some tax obligations that must be met in order to keep offshorecompany compliance up to date.
Drummond has expertise in all the essential declarations for the tax compliance of an offshore operation:
W8 Form – must be submitted to the IRS
Economic Substance Test – In case of offshoresthat are active and operating in the Bahamasand British Virgin IslandsFinancial StatementsBrasilDCBE (Declaration of Brazilian Capitals Abroad)IR (Income Tax)Payment of Taxes

Global Visas

Our team of immigration lawyers has professionals qualified to practice in Brazil and in the United States.

We work with several types of visas, among them we can highlight:
- L1 visa for executive and managerial transferees
- H1-B visa for skilled employees
- EB-5 visa for those who intend to invest in the USA.
- Possibility of permanent residency in the USA with the issuance of a green card
- For citizens with dual citizenship (Italian, Spanish and German, for example), the E2 visa.

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Our clients

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“Our first contact with Drummond was in 2016 with the aim of establishing an affiliate of the Brazilian company in the United States. Since then, Drummond has advised us on our operations in the United States on several service fronts, ranging from accounting and tax compliance to legal and immigration consultancy. We have a long-lasting partnership with Drummond, based on the trust we have in the professionals who serve us, always with great competence and attention.”

Sofia Araujo

Head of Legal at VMI in Brazil and the United States

“Drummond was essential in Nanum’s internationalization process, demonstrating a lot of experience in the services provided. The Drummond team is very capable and comprehensive, always promptly assisting us with all demands and difficulties regarding the opening of Nanum in the United States. I can say that much more than a commercial relationship, we have a partnership relationship.”

José Fernando Contadini

CEO of Nanum Nanotecnologia S.A

“At Arcos, we have always looked for a Labor Consultancy that brings security and efficiency and we found it in this partnership with Drummond Advisors. The service is always quick and consultancy is provided competently, clearly and efficiently."

Mariana Chaves

Administrative Director of Arcos Engenharia de Solos

"Planning the expansion of our business to the United States, we noticed the need to expatriate employees, and it was with the help of the Drummond Advisors team that we had this path covered with great security and tranquility, not only due to the knowledge of United States laws, but also for mastering all labor issues involving the topic here in Brazil as well. A great advantage that the Drummond team conveys is being in these countries, bringing a broad integration of actions in order to comply with the rules on both sides of the operation."

Eduardo Kollet

ADM & Supply Chain Manager at Torfresma

“I have had a relationship with Drummond since 2018 when they advised us legally in raising the first funds for my company: Accountfy. Since then I have been assisted with different demands such as accounting, tax planning and visas. In addition to the humanized service throughout the process, I can say that my claims were a success. Of course, success depends not only on the office's strategy and guidance, but also on the applicant's dedication to delivering the information and content defined by the Drummond team."

Goldwasser Neto

CEO Accountfy

“Drummond has always been our first option when we think about internationalization. They have always been a one stop shop that helps us throughout the process. Covering the tax part, opening a business, legal and contractual assistance, in addition to the immigration part. They were always very clear and careful about managing expectations, on all sides!”

Rafael Albuquerque

CEO Zoox

“Choosing Drummond was a decisive milestone in our global expansion. They stood out as a complete solution, covering everything from the complexity of tax legislation to the opening of new business fronts, offering comprehensive legal support and facilitating the path to immigration.”

Felipe Lamounier

CEO Hyperplane

“Drummond was the right choice for the conduction of my visa process. Besides the whole team being very competent technically, they always treated me in a very professional, human and caring way. It was really a very emotional moment for me and I realized that it was also for the whole team, they were thrilled with me and for me!”

Leila Velez

Founder of Beleza Natural and Curl Lab

“Drummond's legal services made all the difference in my visa and green card process to the United States. You need to think about your family, your business, there are many things involved. And Drummond's team always had this personal look at us, a look close to the client, who also understands these aspects beyond the business. It was a rewarding experience, I became, more than a client, a friend.”

Paulo Borba

Founder and Managing Director da Borba & Lewis Consulting